Sandra Kosorotova: What does Post-Fordism feel like? How is precarity sensed? Can it materialize as an embodied sensation? Will it be codified as a medical disorder?

Sandra Kosorotova’s textile and text-based practice can be located in between the margins of art and design. Most of her artworks act as such only in the exhibition spaces; otherwise they function as wearable clothes, accessories and interior textiles.

In 2016 she graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts with an MA in Fashion Design and she holds a BA degree from the Graphic Design department of the same institution. From 2013 to 2016 Kosorotova co-led the NGO New Russian Culture in Estonia (UVKE), aiming to bring together Estonian and Russian-speaking communities by organising cultural events. She has taken part in group shows in Estonia and abroad and had several solo shows in Tallinn.

Exhibition view, Sandra Kosorotova, Precarious State of Mind, Hop Gallery, Talinn, Estonia. 15.05 – 30.05.2018

Sandra Kosorotova, WORK, 2018, Digital print on silk

Header image credit: Sandra Kosorotova, Head scarf, 2018, digital print on wool